Osadchy Dental Clinic

Osadchy Dental Clinic is a brainchild of Ihor Osadchy, an oral surgeon with 36 years of experience.

The Clinic was founded in 2007 with an emphasis on surgical dentistry, dental implantation with subsequent prosthetic rehabilitation.

Осадчий Игорь

About Osadchy Dental Clinic

We perform dental implantations, complex extractions of atypically located teeth, assist patients who present with complications after dental implantation. We treat abscesses, phlegmons, maxillary sinusitises, and broken jaws. We cooperate with Kolomiychenko Institute of Otolaryngology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and receive patients with dental maxillary sinusitis.

Our clinic majors in comprehensive dental implantation. That is, we help even in complicated clinical cases, like those where major bone plastic surgery is needed as the first stage before implantation.  In other words, we prepare a patients for implantation, then place implants and, in due time, prosthetic restorations are delivered.

Also, we work in active cooperation with orthodontists. Virtually, every other individual needs orthodontic treatment. However, braces as such are good only for one out of every four patients wishing to have their teeth straightened. In other three cases, patients also need to see a dental surgeon.

Осадчий Игорь

Osadchy Clinic Chief Dentist

Our Major Treatments

Tooth Implantation

Implants can be placed instead of any, both anterior and posterior, missing teeth

Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are removed (extracted) by an experienced oral maxillofacial surgeon with the accomplishment record of 25 years

Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery deals with interventions in the area of face and maxillary sinuses

General Dental Treatments

We offer advanced pain-free methods of diagnosis and treatment

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns or dentures are manufactured and delivered within 7 days

Teeth Alignment

Orthodontic treatment is indicated for people with impaired or deformed dentition

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