Emergency Dental Care

Our benefits:

Work experience

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Ihor Osadchiy, has worked in the emergency trauma department for 17 years.


Specialized surgical department with operating room and preoperative room.

удостоверение стоматолога


Resuscitation activities are available, and we have a license as an anesthesiologist/resuscitator.

When should I visit a dentist or surgeon immediately?

  • Acute pain, fever, noticeable swelling of the face, and, most importantly, acute toothache.

What services does dentistry provide 24/7?

  • We help 24/7 when you need: tooth extraction, abscess dissection, treatment of traumatic jaw fracture, acute pulpitis treatment.

Who provides 24/7 treatment?

  • The following doctors are available 24/7: dentist, surgeon dentist, maxillofacial surgeon.

The cost of emergency treatment

Permanent tooth extraction, from
2800 UAH
Includes: anesthesia, sterile surgical kit, tooth extraction, package of necessary medicines after surgery according to doctor's recommendations, all necessary checkups and procedures if necessary, removal of sutures (if any).
Treatment of acute pulpitis, from:
2800 UAH
Includes: anesthesia, sterile kit, X-ray, dissection of the pulp chamber, drug injection, temporary filling.
Abscess dissection, from:
2800 UAH
Includes: anesthesia, sterile surgical kit, surgery to dissect an abscess (abscess drainage if necessary), prescription of necessary medications after surgery.
Primary treatment of facial wounds, from:
2800 UAH
Includes: anesthesia, sterile surgical kit, medicament treatment of facial wounds, suturing if necessary, prescription of necessary medicines after surgical procedures.
Treatment of fracture of the jaw, from:
10 000 UAH
Includes: anesthesia, sterile surgical kit, orthopantomogram (panoramic picture), splinting of fractures (reposition and fixation of bone fragments if necessary), splinting of teeth, medicament treatment of an oral cavity, suturing (if necessary), prescription of necessary medicines after surgical manipulations.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

How long can I tolerate pain from my wisdom teeth?

Pain from wisdom teeth is a periodic pain, that is, the disease is chronic, and usually, such pain can be tolerated. But if the face has swollen, when a person cannot open the mouth because of this inflammation, of course, it is worth immediately contacting a maxillofacial surgeon.

Is it possible to take some kind of analgesic?

Yes, in case of acute pain, it is necessary to take medication from the group of analgesics, but any medication can only be prescribed by a doctor during a personal checkup. Especially since the time of emergency treatment at our clinic is 20-40 minutes at any time of the day or night.

In case of a jaw fracture, within what time should I visit the surgeon?

In the case of a jaw fracture, the maxillofacial surgeon should be visited immediately. Because the second phase after a jaw injury is acute osteomyelitis. Treatment in this situation will require much more complex procedures and steps.

What kinds of treatments does the emergency maxillofacial surgeon perform?

Any trauma to the face: stabbed, punctured, bruised facial wounds – all this applies to the areas of work of a maxillofacial surgeon. There is such a thing as PST – primary surgical treatment, and we are always ready to provide it.

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