Dental Crown

A dental crown is a “cap” placed on a damaged tooth or on a dental implant in the event that the tooth has been lost. Externally, the crown completely imitates the shape and color of your tooth.

Tooth crowns can be made of different materials (ceramics, zirconium oxide, or porcelain-fused-to-metal). It takes us no more than 7 days to fabricate crowns and dentures.

установка зубных коронок

Permanent Prosthodontics

We try to approach the issues associated with the restoration of teeth function in a comprehensive manner. Where several teeth are missing on one jaw, then placing one implant and one crown will not be the right solution. We’ll explain why below.

There are situations where the patient needs to insert 5 implants in place of 5 missing teeth, and the patient asks to start with one implant and then mount a crown on it. Accordingly, an awkward situation arises at the prosthetic stage, when we place only one crown. Thereby we fail to adjust the upper-to-lower teeth relationship, so that the teeth begin to lean in the direction of the empty space that used to be occupied by now missing teeth disturbing the tooth row. Many dentists ignore these aspects, we do not.

Placing one crown is the easiest job to do. That is, if a person loses a tooth, it is replaced with an implant and a crown put on. It’s a simple and straightforward dental solution. Most often, we perform more complex and reliable prosthetic work accompanied with alignment of the dental arch.

Zirconium oxide crown

UAH 10700

Porcelain-fused-to metal (PFM) crown

UAH 5000

Full removable denture

UAH 11 000

Temporary prosthodontics

Usually, it takes one hundred and five days for an implant to heal and a crown to be installed on this implant. If the task is not to leave the patient without a tooth during implant healing, we recourse to different methods of temporary prosthetics.

In virtually every clinical case we use temporary crowns or temporary bridges. As posterior teeth are not visible when a person talks, the teeth absence does not affect the aesthetics. There temporary prosthetics can be dispensed with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty for dental crowns?

The warranty period recommended by the Ministry of Health for orthopaedic crowns is 12 months.

What is the difference between porcelainfused-to-metal and zirconium crowns?

A porcelainfused-to-metal crown is made of medical alloy covered with ceramics. A zirconium crown is made of zirconium dioxide which is covered with ceramics. Zirconium crowns are thinner but they are not inferior in strength.

How long do dental crowns last?

The recommended service life of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns is 6-8 years, for zirconium oxide crowns it is 15-20 years.

Will I feel crowns in the mouth?

Whereas the medical alloy allowed for the production of crowns is rather neutral, processes of oxidation and reactions associated with the presence of saliva enzymes and digestive acids vary from case to case. Crowns made of zirconium dioxide are not subject to such processes and are the safest and bioinert option for dental restorations.

In other words, if you are sensitive to metal, a crown made of zirconium oxide is the best option for you.

Orthopedist Team

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Dental Surgeon
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Our Experise

every month more than 100 crowns are placed in our Clinic, and counting.

High-Quality Materials

our laboratories use high-tech materials: zirconium dioxide made by WhitePeaks (Germany), Yamakin (Japan), WhipMix (USA), and ceramics produced by GC (Japan).

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Quality Assurance

the dental crowns we manufacture and deliver have served for more than 15 years.

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