The cost of dental services

Teeth Implantation

ICX implant placement (Germany)
UAH 14 000
Placement of the I-system implant (Switzerland)
UAH 20 000
Placement of Straumann implant (Switzerland)
UAH 22 000
Nobel implant placement (Sweden)
UAH 28 000

Surgical Services

Tooth Removal, from:
UAH 750
Atypical tooth extraction, from:
UAH 3500
Maxillary sinus surgery, from:
UAH 12000
Sinus lifting, from:
UAH 5000
Laser lip and tongue frenuloplasty
UAH 1500

Dental Restoration

Pressed ceramic crown, from:
UAH 10700
Zirconium oxide crown, from:
UAH 9500
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown
UAH 5000
Full removable denture
UAH 5000
Acrylic crown
UAH 2000

Teeth Alignment

Metal bracket system
UAH 11 000
Ceramic Bracket System
UAH 15 000
Sapphire Bracket System
UAH 20 000

Dental Treatment

Treatment for caries, from:
UAH 500
Periodontitis treatment, from:
UAH 1000
Pulpitis treatment, from:
UAH 1700

Professional dental hygiene

Comprehensive Professional Oral Cleaning
UAH 1600
Vector therapy
UAH 3000
Laser tooth whitening
UAH 6000