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The Osadchy Dental Clinic was founded in 2007. The main directions of work are complex dental and oromaxillofacial surgical operations, teeth implantation, and prosthodontics.

We also treat mandibular joint, arthritis and arthrosis. We use various methods to treat such diseases, including total prosthetics on implants.

It is also important that our Clinic provides licensed anaesthesiological care. Apart from local anaesthesia and treatment under sedation, we also offer dental treatment under general anaesthesia.

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Ihor Osadchiy

Dental Surgeon
Ярослав Хромогін, стоматолог-ортопед

Yaroslav Khromogin

Удовиченко Александр, анастезіолог

Alexandr Udovychenko


Andriy Senik


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