Dental Alignment

Orthodontics deals with bite correction.

Orthodontic treatment is indicated for people with congenital or acquired dental arches deformities. More often than not, patients present with congenital teeth defects, but there are cases of changed teeth curvature due to injuries, periodontitis, etc.

Выравнивание зубного ряда, ортодонт


In the past, teeth used to be aligned using a universal mechanical appliance known as Engle’s arch. The apparatus was used to changу inclination of teeth in the position set by the dentist.

After a while, Engle’s arch was named a bracket system. There are dozens of bracket systems (braces) that use special tie rods and spacers for teeth leveling. That is, braces are a modified old, time-tested invention.
It is worth noting that very often orthodontic treatment can not do without surgical intervention, which makes orthodontics a close and interesting specialization for us. We understand that orthodontic problems are not only aesthetic, but also physiological issues.

We actively cooperate, in a collegiate relationship, with well-known orthodontists of Kyiv, such as Myroslava Dragomyretska Chief Orthodontist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Petro Semenovych Flis professor, Head of the Department of Orthodontics, NMU.

Metal braces

Metal braces are made of stainless steel and are quite visible

UAH 11000

Ceramic braces

Ceramic, or transparent, braces are less visible on teeth than metal onea

UAH 15000

Sapphire braces

Sapphire braces look the most discreet and beautiful

UAH 20000

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I see an orthodontist to avoid bite issues?

We recommend that for the first time a child should see an orthodontist at the age of 7 years.

What is teeth alignment with plates?

Dental plates are removable devices that are used for dental alignment in children under 14-15 years. We can use a device that presses on the tooth row, thereby provoking jaw growth.

What are the negative consequences of wearing braces?

If a patient wearing braces does not pay sufficient attention to oral hygiene and does not visit the dentist once every 2 months to clean the oral cavity, chances are high that such a patient will develop complications in the form of dental caries.

Braces are glued to the tooth enamel and where the tooth enamel is not quite healthy, it may be destroyed. In this case, after braces have been removed and the row of teeth is already even, the teeth themselves will need to be covered with ceramic overlays.

When does wearing braces fail to align teeth?

Virtually, every second person should seek orthodontic treatment. In practice, however, to get an efficient and stable result, half of those in need of braces also have to see a maxillofacial surgeon (for wisdom teeth extraction, analysis of why bite deformation occurs, etc.).


Dental Alignment


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actively, in a collegial bunch, we cooperate with renowned orthodontists of Kyiv and Ukraine

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as more often than not orthodontic treatment cannot do without surgery and we specialize in surgery, we deliver guaranteed quality results, because orthodontics is a very close and interesting field for us

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