Treatment of Teeth and Gums

In all probability, everyone has experienced toothache when chewing or eating hot or cold food. Bleeding gums, gum swelling and the like are also not uncommon. And that is quite normal.

In our turn, we are ready to provide the assistance you may need. We offer modern methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of teeth and gums. No pain.

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Treatment of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, or caries, is a complex process that develops slowly in the dental hard tissue. Tooth decay develops as a result of exposure to negative external and internal factors.

As a rule, the disease begins asymptomatically and is difficult to spot. The early stages can be seen only by a dentist. The decay leads to damage of the hard tissues of the tooth with the formation of a cavity in dentin (soft tooth tissue).In the absence of treatment it leads to inflammation of the pulp and periodontium. It is only at this stage that pain begins. Also, complications may occur. You should be aware that there is a high risk of tooth loss in the event of adverse dental caries.

We will provide you with expert care for all types of dental caries, which can be superficial, middle or deep. You will learn what has possibly caused tooth decay in your specific case. You will be given advice on how to prevent caries.

Dental Treatment Fees

Treatment for caries, from:
500 ₴
Pulpitis treatment, from:
1700 ₴
Treatment of periodontitis, from:
1000 ₴
Vector therapy
3000 ₴
Professional teeth hygiene
1600 ₴

Pulpitis Treatment

Pulpitis is inflammation of a nerve inside a tooth. The most common sign of pulpitis is intense toothache at night and pain that increases when you consume warm or cold food or liquid. Generally, the pain is so severe that it is difficult to tolerate, even pain medication may not help.

At Osadchy Clinic, to treat root canals we use state-of-the-art date endodontic equipment from leading manufacturers such as MicroMega and Parkell. This allows us to perform a full-scale treatment of root canals within just one visit to the Clinic. Patients experience no pain while we prepare them for the next stage – tooth filling with endodontic pastes.

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Why is tooth decay dangerous?

In itself, tooth decay is not a critical hazard. It is its complications that are dangerous. The most common complication is pulpitis, that is inflammation of the tooth nerve. In case of a massive tooth decay part of the damaged tooth can chip off. As the walls of the tooth become thinner, they may break off even under slight chewing pressure.

How is pulpitis treated?

When you go to the dentistry, it will not be superfluous to run an allergic test for anesthesia, after which the dentist will inject the anesthetic into the gum. In a while (when the anesthesia starts to work), the dentist will open the cavity of the tooth with aching nerve. He will remove the nerve, clean the canal walls, irrigate the canal and sterilize it. Then the canal will be filled in and a control X-ray will be carried out.

What are the signs of pulpitis?

Among the signs of tooth nerve inflammation is unprovoked toothache which appreciably worsens at night. Pain in the tooth lingers long after the irritant cold or hot food or air is removed. Often, a patient with pulpitis finds it difficult to tell exactly which tooth hurts, the pain can irradiate to the teeth of the opposite jaw, in the ear area and even in the eyes.

What will happen if I don't treat my pulpitis?

As we have already said, when the tooth nerve is inflamed, the pain is so severe that few are those who can tolerate it. Even if you have started taking painkillers, sooner or later the pain will resume, but the consequences will be graver, namely, the inflammation of the nerve will go to a new level where the pulpitis turns into periodontitis. The bone tissue will get inflamed around the root of the tooth; or the inflammation of the tooth nerve will become chronic.


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