Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery deals with operative interventions in the area of the face, neck and maxillary sinuses. The conditions in our clinic allow for conducting maxillofacial surgeries qualitatively, effectively and painlessly with the assured maximally expected result for the patient.

челюстно-лицевая хирургия

The procedures we perform:

  • surgical treatment of odontogenic maxillary
  • sinusitis removal of facial and oral neoplasias, followed by histological examination
  • orthosurgical operations (changing the size and shape of the jaws in case of traumatic or congenital abnormalities)
  • diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic treatment of temporomandibular
  • joint dysfunctions zygomatic dental implant placement in case of total upper jaw
  • atrophy surgical treatment of facial fractures

The accomplishment record of our maxillofacial surgeon is 36 years, including 8 years of work as a doctor on duty in an emergency trauma department. Over 2000 successful maxillofacial operations have been performed by him.

Thanks to a balanced and unbiased approach to diagnosis and treatment of every clinical case, we assure a minimum number of complications.

We treat odontogenic sinusitis

We use state-of-the art surgical equipment for treatment of maxillary sinusitis, such as a piezotome an ultrasonic knife

We remove neoplasms in the mouth

There are not too many benign neoplasms in the mouth, but we can successfully remove those that are there

We perform orthosurgical operations

We fix bone deformities in the jaws when one jaw lags behind the other in its development

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need to see an ortho-surgeon?

Most ortho-surgery appointments are made after you have seen an orthodontist who works on your bite. The thing is, to make sure that orthodontist’s job is a success, and your toothline is correct, it is sometimes necessary to remove “wisdom” teeth. In this case, the orthodontist cannot do without an orthosurgeon, and orthosurgery cannot do without orthodontics.

How do jaw enlargement or reduction surgeries go?

Complex orthosurgical operations to increase or decrease the jaw are carried out exclusively on an inpatient basis. We carry out such interventions on the premises of Shalimov Surgery Institute. The operations require a certain follow-up period of rehabilitation during which we work closely with the patient.

Is emergency service available in maxillofacial surgery?

Yes, definitely. Most patients present with acute inflammations in the mouth, broken jaw bones, stab-and-slash, or incision wounds in the face area.

Generally speaking, if you practice traumatic sports and have sustained a facial injury, you are welcome to contact us. Whatever the trauma or facial surgery, it can be treated as an emergency call in our clinic.

Is removing an atypical third molar an oral surgery?

Whatever we do in the mouth pertains to dental surgery. What we do outside the oral cavity is maxillo-facial surgery. Therefore, we do not classify removal of an atypical third molar as a maxillo-facial operation, but as surgical dentistry. It, however, requires a lot of experience and special attention from the practitioner.

What is odontogenic maxillary sinusitis?

A maxillary sinusitis is inflammation of mucous membrane of maxillary sinuses caused by infection. The infection can penetrate through the nose, for example, where the nasal septum is deformed, or contamination can come from the mouth.

These days, not infrequently do patients present with complications after treatment of upper teeth in the course of which mucous membrane gets contaminated. People can live with odontogenic maxillary sinusitis for years, being unaware that they have such a condition.

What are contraindications for treating maxillary sinusitis?

Сontraindications for maxillary sinusitis do not exist. As the symptoms of maxillary sinusitis include severe headaches which are almost unbearable, patients must be made free from the cause of infection.

Moreover, untreated maxillary sinusitis can bring about serious complications in the form of tumors in the maxillary sinuses, cysts, or polyps. All these can be attributed to benign tumors – neoplasias, which, in their turn, lead to disrupted nasal breathing.


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