Atypical teeth extraction

Few are the patients who are in the know that the operation to remove wisdom teeth is comparable in its complexity with appendicitis removal. Moreover, the correct removal of an atypically located tooth helps to avoid complications, which, unfortunately, are not infrequent.

видалення зубів мудрості

Tooth extraction: procedure & complications

We remove atypically located wisdom teeth of any level of complexity. We use a special ultrasonic knife (piezotom), which can significantly increase the accuracy of the surgeon. In addition, the risk of edema is significantly reduced and the time required for recovery is reduced.

Improper removal of wisdom teeth, both in adults and children, can lead to curvature of the dentition, the onset of inflammation, infection and loss of adjacent teeth.

Early diagnosis of the location and condition of “sleeping” teeth will save you from unnecessary worries in the future!

Surgical Services

Tooth extraction, from:
UAH 750
Atypical tooth extraction, from:
UAH 3500
Laser lip and tongue frenuloplasty
UAH 1500

How is a Tooth Taken out?

The tooth is extracted after a preliminary X-ray examination (and, where required, after CBCT), under local anesthesia or sedation (if so desired by the patient).

After surgery, medication will be prescribed to the patient. On the 3rd day after the operation a control examination is held. In 1-week time, the sutures are removed.

You should be aware that untimely removal of wisdom teeth can bring about, in both adults and children, a distortion of the dental arches, inflammatory processes, infection and loss of adjacent teeth.

Атипове видалення зубів

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes for the removal of wisdom teeth?

The first cause is that when it is teething, if lacking space, a wisdom tooth begins to press upon the adjacent teeth. Thereby it violates the anatomy of the whole dental arch.

Another cause: the most dangerous thing about wisdom teeth is that they can bring about inflammation, leading to acute diseases such as pericoronitis, abscesses and phlegmons.

And last but not least: follicular cysts may form around wisdom teeth. These are benign tumors that do not reverse they can only grow on.

Can a third molar be removed during pregnancy?

Yes, wisdom teeth can be extracted during pregnancy. If there are indications for tooth extraction, pregnancy should not and is not a contraindication for tooth extraction.

How is diagnosis made before a wisdom tooth is extracted?

Typically, before a wisdom tooth in question is removed, it is either X-rayed or its CTCT is carried out.

How dangerous is it to have a wisdom tooth removed?

Sometimes, the tooth roots enter the lower jaw (mandibular) canal where the nerve is very close. As long as the tooth does not move, its nerve is not damaged. When the removal begins, the large nerve bundle in the lower jaw can be traumatized. So, this removal must be extremely delicate.

There may be complications when the wisdom tooth is extracted: severe bleeding neuralgia. Where wisdom tooth extraction is not a success, the patient may suffer from acute neuralgia, i.e. numbness. The patient’s tongue, cheek, half-face may become desensitized.

Only highly qualified practitioner who has extensive experience in such operations must be entrusted with atypical tooth extraction.

Why remove a wisdom tooth when it's not disturbing?

Surgery such as the removal of a wisdom tooth is based on medical necessity. If the tooth does not bother you (either physically or aesthetically), if there are no threats to the adjacent teeth, then a wisdom tooth removal is not indicated.


Tooth Extraction


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wisdom teeth extraction is performed by the oral surgeon with 25 years of experience.

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Number of operations

more than 5,500 wisdom tooth extraction have been performed in our Clinic since its inception in 2007.

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Quality of work

considerable success of “wisdom” tooth extraction operations. Minimal number of complications.

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